This is the first comic book I ever bought with my own money. My brother and my cousins would buy me comics to read, but this is the first book I could call my own. Remember how buying things with your own money was a big deal when you were young?

You can tell by the worn spine that I read this comic book cover to cover a countless number of times, but its condition is pretty decent because that is just how I am with my things. I don’t know what attracted me to this comic, it’s not even a proper X-Men story. What If comics are a little like the Twilight Zone for comics. They revisit past stories and provide an alternative take on what could have happened.

I flipped through this book after not having read it in nearly 20 years. It’s really silly now, but I was reminded how this ignited my nearly life-long love affair for the X-Men and comic books. A guy named Wolverine, who sort of looks like one, AND he has metal claws? A Russian who can turn his skin into metal? I would like that power, because then it wouldn’t hurt so much when my brother punched me. Also, apparently Professor X has always been kind of an asshole, but I was too naive to see it back then.